Solutions for Digestive Issues

Solutions for Digestive Issues

Plant Enzymes and Probiotics by Animal Essentials – Restoring proper mass and diversity of intestinal fauna with PROBIOTICS and easing the energy burden on the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and entire digestive system while the PLANT ENZYMES, can both work together to quickly turn things around when dealing with digestive upset, pancreatitis crisis, kidney issues, urinary tract problems, diarrhea, vomiting, blood in stools and especially gas. By restoring health to the digestive track it helps calm the endocrine system down to help inflammation and hypersensitivity directly.  This is why Plant Enzymes and Probiotics by Animal Essentials is at the top of the list for potent healing support for disorders like colitis, arthritis, diabetes and chronic allergies while providing important preventative support for both Cushing’s Disease and Addison’s Disease. This product also helps directly to reduce inflammation that is caused by arthritis because of its supportive effect on the endocrine system via a resialant and robust Gastro Intestinal system. 

When the GI track is under stress, usually from chemicals in by-product feed ingredients in grocery store pet food, ingestion of rancid food or ingestion of large quantity of indigestible oils, such as when your dog gets into discarded bacon grease, a common cause of life-threatening pancreatitis & GI flare-up crisis, the mucosal cells in the first layer of the intestines, become inflamed. The irritation and swelling causes the content of the intestine to be purged which can lead to further swelling, dehydration and bleeding. The bleeding is caused by the mass of natural intestinal fauna  being absent which would normally help keep pressure on the lining of the intestine which holds the deeper together.  Without this pressure, the lining becomes separated and blood can appear in the stools and this is a sign that enterotoxins, like harmful digestive bacteria and undigested material, are increasing in the bloodstream because of the inflamed gut is leaking into the blood stream. This is why digestive upsets can be so incredibly severe at times and the pet must be rushed to the vet as the endotoxins can rapidly lead to kidney failure, fever and dehydration.   

This leaky gut effect usually happens to a smaller degree and leads to chronic food allergies, colitis, itchy red skin, shedding and bad body odor.  It happens when the GI track is antagonized by the heavy amounts of toxic preservatives, chemicals and abrasive by-product waste that is hard to digest, such as corn gluten meal, that is in most commercial pet food.  This increased toxins in the blood lead to more of an inflammation, allergic-like reaction in the intestinal lining.  This is why digestive illness can seem to persist for a long time, because a self-feeding cycle of inflammation has set in and when the dog does stabilize, it seems to only be for a short duration.  This self-feeding cycle of inflammation is what causes food allergies, the excessive licking of the paws, because the lymphatic cells in the first mucosal cell layer in the digestive track lining are always in overdrive, alerting the endocrine system of what it perceives as a toxin because of the blood level increase of those toxins and the raw inflamed gut lining that exacerbates the inflammation cycle.   

The appearance of red inflamed skin, and often itchy skin, is the result of toxins in the blood caused by this out-of-control inflammation cycle in the digestive track.

The Plant Enzymes and Probiotics are the first, and most important step in reversing the cycle by stopping this leaky gut effect and soothing the intestinal lining and in turn, calming the endocrine system’s hypersensitive inflammation and alert system. 

Colon Rescue from Animal Essentials – Colon Rescue functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory in the digestive track and has a quick and direct effect on calming the gut so normal intestinal fauna mass can be cultivated and long term digestive health results. Colon rescue is a powerful but extremely gentle medicine for breaking the cycle of digestive disturbance and helping the digestive track heal. It is an all-natural sweet glycerin based herbal tincture containing that contains Slippery elm bark, Plantain leaf, Licorice root and Marshmallow root. 

This product also works for respiratory issues, such as kennel cough.

  1. Electrolytes Plus - Is an excellent electrolyte product similar to the Pedialiyte but with even a better balance of Dextrose, Salt and Water, and, includes probiotics which greatly help seed rapid recovery.  It helps address dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea but also helps the gut absorb moisture while giving the body some energy.  Helping restore moisture balance to the intestine is often key to stopping the overreactive and hypersensitive cycle so rapid recovery can begin.  

 Electrolytes Plus really helps with:

  1. Soothing Digestive Track because it calms the overreactive intestinal hypersensitivity cycle by restoring needed moisture to the intestines, moisture needed for proper functioning so  it is not stuck in an inflammation cycle caused by direct hypersensitivity due to raw and inflamed mucosa cells or blood toxicity feeding into gut inflammation leaky gut cycle. 
  2. Rehydrating because it helps the body recover lost water from vomiting and diarrhea. 
  3. Energizing because it provides needed energy thru balanced sugars and salts to a weakened animal that cannot absorb energy thru normal digestion.   

How to Give: Electrolytes Plus is not added to drinking water.  One cup is mixed and given to pet as an intermittent replacement for water, but regular clean drinking water should always be made available and not replaced by electrolytes.  It is best to mix just 1 cup to keep it fresh by mixing 1 cup pure water with 1 tablespoon of Electrolytes Plus and stir or shake well before serving.  Often it is given with a dropper or syringe (without the needle, of course) at a steady rate of about 1 cup every 1 to 2 hours depending upon the severity of the dehydration and the weight of the animal.  Often just a few tablespoons will calm the gut down and help break the cycle so they can start to hold down food.  

Perfect Form - Contains many of the same constituents as Colon Rescue but in its more natural finely ground form instead of a concentrated tincture.   and so is better suited as a daily, long-term maintenance therapy.  Perfect Form is ideal for cats and dogs with gastrointestinal upset and less-than-perfect digestion. Filled with herbs like slippery elm, fennel and plantain to soothe and protect the GI tract, Perfect Form aids in reducing occasional loose stools from environmental stress, dietary indiscretion or the transition to a new diet. It's also helpful for pets with gas and regularity issues—don't laugh, it's a real problem.  It is great for combining with the easy-to-digest Honest Kitchen dehydrated food.

Firm Up - This Pumpkin and Apple Pectin powder is great for daily maintenance of a healthy digestive tract and as a food replacement for canned pumkin. Just a tablespoon rehydrated with water or rehydrated with the electrolytes plus can help sooth the digestive track and provide plenty of fiber, energy and vitamin C.  Small dosages of vitamin C have been shown to help with joint inflammation. 

How to Give: A small amount is hydrated, usually a half of cup at a time, and that is kept in a closed container in the refrigerator for a few days until it is used up and a fresh batch is made again.  One or two tablespoons of hydrated Firm Up is plenty for boosting the fiber content and suppling the extra vitamin C needed for older dogs.

Easy to Digest Food Options listed in order of digestibility

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Primal Freeze Dried

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Stella and Chewy’s Raw

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Wellness 95 % canned Food

Go canned Food

Zignature Turkey Dry Food

Zignature Dry Food (Any Flavor)

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