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We take pride in our top, safe and healthy diet, treat and toy selection for your pets the Pet Health Shoppe. It takes a real store, that developed in, and is long established in, a small community, where responsiveness to local performance feedback is key to filtering out the hype and cultivating a product selection based in an authentic and safe quality standard.

This is important because the pet food industry is still dominated by hype that conceals a low-quality feed industry standard that is not safe. Pet food is largely regulated by a private company. This company creates policy for each state and the FDA. This is possible because the FDA states in their policy manual that our food safety laws do not apply to animals. (see policy page titled Diversion of Unfit Food for Animal Use) Also, in the same policy page, the FDA encourages a poisonous standard, such as “over tolerance or unpermitted drug residue…contamination by food or non-food pesticide…” and “contamination by industrial chemicals”.

Without reliable food safety laws for pets, it is up to us to learn about the criteria for choosing products based in a safe standard; companies that are able to prove sourcing and prove they are using a Human-grade standard for their ingredients.

This is why we, at The Pet Health Shoppe, emphasize brands that we have carefully evaluated and performance tested with our customers to be safe and healthy. These brands are: Fromm Family Pets, Go (Petcurean), Nulo, Wellness, Instinct, Stella & Chewies, Bravo, Primal, Honest Kitchen, Grizzly Salmon Oil, Pinnacle, Almo Naturals, Tiki (Pet Tropics), Halo, Now, Nature’s Variety, Walk About Treats, Dogswell Treats, Core, Sea Mobility Joint Rescue Treats and Much, Much, More.

We also have great toys of solid and safe quality standards, made by Kong, JW Pets and Outward Hound.

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